Lassi is a very common drink found alongside dishes in India, Indian restaurant and Indian households. Let's say you happen to be seated in an Indian restaurant and are debating what to order while looking through the plethora of dishes in the menu. And when you ultimately decide on the chicken and naan, the waiter will indubitably ask if you want lassi with that. If you say no, be prepared to be badgered and questioned as to why not. You'll essentially be pressured into ordering a cold yogurt drink; so as a take home lesson: when ordering Indian food, please remember to order a lassi. I suppose they suggest lassi to off-set the heat and spice of Indian dishes, now that I think about it.

Lassi is typically a pulsed mixture of ice, sugar, yogurt and milk. This is a variation of the recipe, and includes mango with the substitution of honey instead of processed sugar (point for being healthy!). Mango lassi is starting to appear more and more in restaurants, but mainly they stick to the traditional all-white.

You can drink this anytime, no matter the season or time of day. It's perfect for the end of the day pick me up or just something to get you through the weekend. The thickness of it is perfect. Sit back, relax and watch that waistline disappear!


1 Ripe Mango
3/4 cup Cold Milk
3 tablespoons Cold Plain Yogurt
3 tablespoons Honey
1 pinch Salt
1 handful Crushed Ice
1 sprig Fresh Mint


Step 1
Pick a ripe mango, the redder the skin, the better, and peel the skin. Cut the mango into thick chunks - there's no need for precision here, it's all getting blended. That's the best part!

Step 2
In the blender, combine the pieces of mango, milk, yogurt, honey, salt and crushed ice.

Step 3
Blend the mixture (or pulse, your choice), for 20-30 seconds. Try the lassi with a spoon and add honey, milk or yogurt if need be (trust your taste buds). If it's still too thick, add more milk and continue to blend until it reaches the consistency you are looking for. \r\n

Step 4
Pour the lassi into a tall glass and top it with the sprig of mint. Voila! Drink to your heart's desire.