Mango breakfast cake


0.5 cup oatmeal
1 tbsp Yuanzhen sugar
2 eggs
0.2 mango
1 tsp ginger powder
1 tsp Baking powder
0.2 cup applesauce


Step 1
Put the dry material in a container;

Step 2
Beat eggs in a large bowl, add sugar, continue to beat, add applesauce, mango juice, and then pour into the container with dry ingredients, mix well slowly; Finally, add diced mango and shredded cheese;

Step 3
Spray a little oil into the non stick pan, heat it, pour in the raw materials, and bake slowly over low heat until the bottom part is cooked (the cake will be slightly separated from the edge of the pan, turned over and baked again until a toothpick is inserted, and then pulled out without sticking anything.

Step 4
It should take 20-25 minutes altogether. Button it out, cool it a little, cut it into 5 portions, and put the food into the freezer.