Protein free tiramisu


Mascarpone cheese 250g cheese
2 egg yolks
50g powdered sugar
Instant coffee 1 pack of coffee
125g light cream
1 pack of finger biscuits
1 tbsp chocolate powder
1 egg beater
Proper amount of hot water


Step 1
The protein should be separated by hot water and stirred to change color.

Step 2
Put the cheese and powdered sugar into the stirred egg yolk. Continue stirring until the surface can be textured.

Step 3
Beat the cream and set aside

Step 4
Whisk the whipped cream into the egg yolk and blend it together.

Step 5
Soak the finger cake in the coffee. Pick it up immediately and install it with a mold

Step 6
Then add the prepared cheese egg yolk and put it layer by layer.