Lotus seed cake


130 grams of horseface fish


Step 1
Mix all the ingredients of water and oil skin, knead them into a smooth dough, wake up for 20 minutes, divide them into 2 parts, add all kinds of food pigments and knead them evenly

Step 2
Mix the materials of oil core and knead them into a ball for standby

Step 3
The ratio of water oil skin to oil core is 3:2

Step 4
I use 30g water oil skin, 20g oil core and 30g lotus paste filling

Step 5
Roll out the water oil rind, add the oil core, roll it up, press it flat, fold it three times, roll it open again, pack in the lotus seed paste, and then shape it flat

Step 6
Surface painting, 180 ° Bake for about 20 minutes