Mung bean soup is a traditional Chinese summer relief. Mung bean after a long time of soaking, shorten the boiling time, soaked mung bean boiled about 25 minutes to become powder, eat Shasha, so in Guangdong area, we call mung bean soup mung bean sand. In order to make mung bean sand more nutritious, boiling mung bean and lotus seeds together into lotus seed mung bean sweet soup can have the effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, strengthening the brain and improving intelligence, and eliminating fatigue.


150g mung bean
80g lotus seed
30 ml sweet osmanthus
10 Lycium barbarum seeds
50g white granulated sugar
2500 ml water


Step 1
Wash and soak mung beans for 4 hours

Step 2
Wash lotus seeds

Step 3
Put mung beans in a pot and boil over medium high heat

Step 4
Add lotus seeds and cook over medium heat for about 25 minutes

Step 5
Boil the mung beans to blossom, soften the lotus seeds, add sugar and melt, then turn off the heat

Step 6
Put it in the refrigerator after cooling. When eating, you can scoop a spoonful of sweet osmanthus, which is not only sweet but also fragrant