Lotus seed and Lily glutinous rice porridge is a delicious and famous dish of Han nationality, belonging to Guangdong cuisine. Lotus seeds are delicious and nutritious. Since ancient times, lotus seeds have been recognized as a delicious tonic for all ages. Lotus seeds are fragrant and delicious. The “Dabu Sanyuan soup” is often eaten by the dignitaries of all dynasties, one of which is lotus seeds.


50g lotus seed
50g glutinous rice
10g Lily (dry)
25g millet
10 Lycium barbarum fruits
1 rock sugar
700 ml water


Step 1
Ingredients: lotus seed 50g, Lily 10g, glutinous rice 50g, millet 25g, wolfberry 10, rock sugar 1;

Step 2
Wash the above ingredients with clean water, add appropriate amount of water and soak them in the refrigerator for 5-12 hours;

Step 3
Take out the ingredients, wash them with clean water, pour them into the pot and add 700ml water;

Step 4
Cover the pot and select the function of porridge / soup;

Step 5
At the end of the time, boil, gently stir with a spoon, Sheng out to the bowl;