Recommend a simple and quick salad, the new year’s table is essential, Kwai greasy appetizer, wine and rice.


Section 1 lotus root
150g red heart radish
Proper homemade chili sauce
Proper amount of cooked white sesame


Step 1
Peel lotus root, wash and slice; Lotus root is a kind of health care product suitable for all ages, especially for patients with high fever, weak, poor appetite and malnutrition.

Step 2
Add an appropriate amount of water into the pot and blanch the lotus root

Step 3
Remove the lotus root supercooled water

Step 4
Control net moisture

Step 5
Peel and wash carrot, slice

Step 6
Put all ingredients in containers

Step 7
Add an appropriate amount of chili sauce according to your favorite taste

Step 8
Add cooked white sesame and mix well

Step 9
Decorate it with red radish

Step 10
Just put the code into the disk.