Reference month age: more than 12 months


50g pork stuffing
50g lotus root
30g potatoes
8g carrot
25g flour
2 quail eggs
2G ginger slices


Step 1
Reference month age: children over 12 months old who are not allergic to food materials

Step 2
Add oil, baby soy sauce and ginger slices into the meat filling and stir well.

Step 3
Rub lotus root, potato and carrot into silk.

Step 4
Continue to cut lotus root, potato and carrot into small pieces.

Step 5
Put all the cut ingredients into the meat filling.

Step 6
Add flour and quail eggs, stir with chopsticks and mix well.

Step 7
Take a piece and gently knead it into small balls. You can dip your hands in a small amount of water. It will not stick to your hands easily

Step 8
After all the small balls are kneaded, put them on the plate.

Step 9
Then put the balls into the steamer and steam for 15 minutes.

Step 10
Well done, take it out and string it up with bamboo sticks.

Step 11
I poured some homemade ketchup on the surface. It's cute. Why doesn't the baby like it?