Lotus root is one of our common dishes. Raw food can clear away heat, moisten lung, cool blood and blood stasis; Cooked food can strengthen the spleen and appetizer, stop diarrhea and consolidate essence. The elderly often eat lotus root, which can adjust the middle and appetizer, benefit blood and marrow, calm the mind and strengthen the brain, and has the effect of prolonging life. The eating methods of lotus root are also diversified. You can turn patterns to eat lotus root and lotus root meat balls in tomato juice. It tastes delicate, sour and sweet, with a fragrance. It’s quite good to come in late spring and early summer.


230g lotus root
200g minced pork
100ml oil
15ml cooking wine
5g salt
1 egg
A little scallion
2 tbsp ketchup
A little sugar
1 tbsp starch
15ml raw extract


Step 1
Prepare minced pork, lotus root and eggs

Step 2
Prepare ketchup, scallions and cooking wine

Step 3
Knock an egg into the minced pork, add cooking wine, salt and scallion, and stir clockwise until sticky

Step 4
Wash the lotus root, peel it and rub it into Rong

Step 5
Pour the lotus root into the minced pork

Step 6
Add raw soy sauce and stir well

Step 7
Then add starch and stir until sticky

Step 8
Pour oil in a hot pot at a temperature of 8 minutes

Step 9
Roll out the ball with a tiger's mouth

Step 10
Put it into the pot for several times and fry over medium heat until the color is golden

Step 11
Add ketchup and boiling water to the bottom oil and bring to a boil

Step 12
Then pour the lotus root meat balls into the boil, turn the back cover to low heat and cook until cooked

Step 13
Turn to high heat, add sugar, collect juice, turn off the heat and take out of the pot

Step 14
Put it in a bowl and sprinkle with scallions