Cantonese love to drink soup. For a lazy person like me, it’s really enjoyable to throw ingredients into the stew pot and wait for hours to drink delicious soup. Especially in this season, traditional Chinese medicine believes that autumn and winter should not only have enough energy to resist cold and disease, but also store physical strength to prepare for the coming year’s “spring born and summer long”. Therefore, in the autumn and winter season, it is most appropriate to drink warm and nutritious soup. Lotus root has high nutritional value, with the functions of digestion, diarrhea, appetizer, heat clearing, tonic, etc., while spareribs contain a lot of protein, bone collagen and calcium phosphate, which is very helpful for strengthening tendons and bones. Lotus root and spare ribs soup not only has the effect of moistening intestines, clearing away heat and phlegm, nourishing blood and skin, but also can effectively strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is a good soup in autumn and winter, suitable for regular consumption.


200g lotus root
150g spare ribs
How many slices of ginger
1 teaspoon salt
A little wolfberry


Step 1
Cut off the pedicels of the lotus root, cut it into two parts lengthways, clean it, check whether there is residual sediment in the eyes of the lotus root, and then cut it into pieces. Clean the pork ribs with water, remove the excess oil and blood, chop it into small pieces with a knife, and wash ginger slices, coriander and other ingredients for standby

Step 2
Pour some boiling water into the stew pan. Add pork ribs, lotus root and ginger slices

Step 3
Cover the pot, cook for two or three hours, stew lotus root for a long time. It's better to use ceramic or stainless steel utensils instead of iron or aluminum pots

Step 4
When the ribs are stewed until there is foam floating in the soup, the bottom of the soup is turbid

Step 5
Add a little Lycium barbarum 10 minutes before turning off the heat

Step 6
Add salt to the stewed lotus root and spare ribs soup. Tune in fresh coriander before preparing for consumption.