Durian shell soup efficacy many people eat durian, easily throw away the shell, it is a pity. Durian is full of treasure! Durian flesh is hot, but durian shell is a good thing to destroy fire. After removing the nail shell, the white part of durian shell is the treasure of soup. It can be used with chicken and pig bone to make soup. It not only tastes delicious, but also has the function of nourishing blood and Qi, moistening and nourishing yin. It can reduce fire in hot summer. Durian shell soup, delicious Qingrun, is the autumn of qingbu soup. Using durian shell to make soup is a special soup even for Cantonese who drink all kinds of soup. Durian shell stew, this soup is beneficial to invigorate Qi, tonify but not dry, relatively mild, has a variety of therapeutic effects, including blood, Qi, nourishing Yin, suitable for people of different physique, especially for women, men are also suitable.


Appropriate amount of durian shell
A chicken bone
Moderate amount of ginger
Moderate salt


Step 1
Cut into large pieces

Step 2
Just white shell meat

Step 3
Boil and pour out the water,

Step 4
Fresh water pot

Step 5
Put it down together

Step 6
appropriate amount

Step 7
Turn down the heat after boiling

Step 8
Boil for one or two hours. Don't boil the water dry. You can drink the salt after boiling