Lobster tofu soup


750g lobster
100g gross tofu
4G salt
2G chicken essence
2G scallion
2G ginger
2G garlic
2 tablespoons cooking wine
Proper amount of water starch
2G Yuanzhen sugar
2G pepper powder


Step 1
Soak the lobster in clean water for 1 hour, change the water several times, and then wash it.

Step 2
Pinch off the lobster head and peel out the lobster meat. Remove the blind from the lobster's head.

Step 3
Heat the oil in the pot, put down the minced ginger and garlic, and stir fry the lobster meat.

Step 4
Put the cooking wine, put down the tofu, and shovel the tofu with a shovel while frying.

Step 5
Add salt, sugar, fresh extract and cook for 3 minutes. Put some water starch.

Step 6
Add pepper, chicken essence and scallion, stir well.