After stewing, the tastes of the three meat dishes are mixed together. The taste is very special. The streaky pork is fat but not greasy, the pig liver is full of soy sauce, and the small intestine is rotten but not scattered. The two vegetarians absorb the freshness and greasiness of meat food, and some are unspeakably delicious!


200g pig small intestine
100g streaky pork
100g pig liver
50g dried bamboo shoots
50g oil tofu


Step 1
Ingredients: pig small intestine, streaky pork, pig liver, oil tofu, dried bamboo shoots

Step 2
Accessories: cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, star anise, pepper, grass fruit, pepper, tangerine peel, rock sugar

Step 3
Turn over the small intestine and peel off the oil on the inner wall. Both sides are washed with flour and salt

Step 4
Rinse the small intestine, put it into a cold water pot, add ginger slices and pepper to boil, and then cook for a few minutes

Step 5
Rinse the small intestine with cold water (the surface does not feel sticky)

Step 6
Cut the pig liver into strips and soak it repeatedly with water until there is no blood exudation

Step 7
Pig liver and streaky pork are also blanched with pepper and ginger. It's easier to blanch streaky pork and then cut into pieces

Step 8
Blanch dried bamboo shoots in water for standby

Step 9
Cut tofu in half

Step 10
Put pig liver, streaky pork, dried bamboo shoots and oil tofu on the small intestine

Step 11
The small intestine was ligated tightly after 3 circles

Step 12
Insert both ends of the small intestine (this is more beautiful and not easy to loosen)

Step 13
Put the prepared liver into a casserole, add all cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, star anise, pepper, grass fruit, pepper, orange peel, rock sugar and water without liver pricking, boil and simmer over low heat for about 1 hour

Step 14
Marinated liver can be eaten directly

Step 15
The liver will be more beautiful after thickening and juice collection