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Half a native chicken
A little salt
A little white pepper
A little raw
Little Baijiu
A large number of thick cut ginger slices
Plenty of shallots
A little red pepper ring
A little coriander
Appropriate amount of edible oil
A little pepper oil
A little chili oil
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Sprinkle salt and white pepper evenly on the inside and outside of the chicken

Step 2
Wipe evenly by hand and marinate for 5 minutes

Step 3
Take a thick pan and pour some oil

Step 4
The bottom of the pot is covered with thick ginger slices

Step 5
Shake the pan until the oil is evenly covered on the bottom

Step 6
Twist off the shallots and spread them on the ginger slices

Step 7
Put in the marinated chicken and sprinkle a little Baijiu on the chicken.

Step 8
High fire SAIC, turn to medium low fire and simmer for 50 minutes

Step 9
After the chicken is cooked, drizzle a little raw soy sauce

Step 10
At the same time, take another pot, pour in edible oil, pepper oil, sesame oil and pepper oil in turn, and cook until 80% hot

Step 11
Sprinkle some red pepper rings

Step 12
A little coriander

Step 13
Drizzle with freshly heated oil and finish