Milk yellow bun, also known as milk yellow bun, is a traditional Cantonese dessert. Cantonese like to order a cage when drinking morning tea, and slowly taste its rich milk flavor, as well as the delicate and smooth taste of milk yellow stuffing.


300g flour
5 salted duck yolks
1 carrot
20G sugar
10 g custard powder
15g orange powder
20G milk powder
40g butter
3 G yeast


Step 1
Dice carrots.

Step 2
Add 50 grams of water and fry into a paste.

Step 3
Flour, yeast and carrot paste.

Step 4
Stir with chopsticks.

Step 5
Fermentation in synthetic dough.

Step 6
Now it's ready to make cream puddles, and the butter is ready.

Step 7
Heat the butter, add sugar, milk powder, milk powder, custard powder and orange powder, mix well, add salted duck yolk paste, mix well, cool and store for one hour, set the shape.

Step 8
When the dough is ready, it can be used as a preparation

Step 9
It is made into a bun sized preparation and rolled into dough.

Step 10
Wrap it in cream.

Step 11
It's like a bun.

Step 12
The steamed buns are too much.

Step 13
Wash and wet the drawer cloth and put it into the quicksand bag.

Step 14
Cover well, ferment for 20 minutes, open fire, steam for 15 minutes, turn off the fire and open for 5 minutes.

Step 15
Let's cool down and get out of the pot.

Step 16
It's not good to take pictures at night.

Step 17
Open it and you'll get quicksand