Liuli yam


1000g yam
100g rock sugar
5g sesame oil
250g vegetable oil


Step 1
Use the egg thick yam, peel and cut into pieces´╝ł The best Chinese yam without black skin

Step 2
Put oil in the pot and heat it to 70-80%. Add the cut yam.

Step 3
Deep fry the yam until golden brown and take it out.

Step 4
Leave a little oil in the frying pan, add rock sugar, boil the sugar until it changes color slightly and bubbles, quickly add the fried yam, turn it quickly, and make the yam evenly wrapped with sugar.

Step 5
Put sesame oil on the flat bottom plate, put yam into the plate, and eat it while it's hot. That's to say, the yam should be separated and cooled while it's hot, and the yam should be wrapped with rock sugar. In this way, the crystal clear yam will be ready.