It’s really hot in Guangdong in June and July. This is also the season for litchi to appear on the market. Have some litchi tea. The sweet smell of litchi matches perfectly with the fragrance of green tea!


200g litchi
1 small bag of green tea
20G young granulated sugar
40 ml water


Step 1
Take out the litchi, peel and core it, and put the pulp in a bowl

Step 2
Add about 40 ml of water.

Step 3
Put the litchi and drinking water in a pot and cook over medium low heat for about five minutes.

Step 4
Add an appropriate amount of sugar to litchi.

Step 5
Stir well and cook for a little longer.

Step 6
Put some boiled litchi soup into a cup, put it into a green tea bag, add an appropriate amount of warm water, stir it with a small spoon, and let it stand for three to five minutes.

Step 7