Leicha originated in the ancient Central Plains, moved south to Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi and other areas, also known as Sansheng soup, is a special snack. Leicha generally uses tea as the main material, mashed into a paste with a bowl, washed with boiling water and evenly mixed with fried rice, peanuts, sesame, etc.


5g single cluster tea
1500 ml boiled water
Stir fried rice
Sesame (stir fried)
Peanuts (stir fried)
Moderate salt


Step 1
Pour the tea into the bowl;

Step 2
Hold a half meter long rod, pound and rotate;

Step 3
When the tea leaves in the bowl are crushed into mud, the tea will be beaten well;

Step 4
Then pour boiling water into the bowl and soak for about 5 minutes to let the tea precipitate;

Step 5
Use a spoon to make tea soup;

Step 6
Prepare fried rice, peanut and sesame

Step 7
Add fried rice, peanuts, sesame, or salt or sugar according to your taste.