I’ve been looking forward to sausage cooking for a long time, but because there is no casserole, I feel that it takes too long to cook raw rice. On a whim, it’s no different to try the leftovers in an ordinary pot! More people-friendly


200g leftovers
2 sausages
Some cabbage
1 small piece of ginger
1 tbsp fuel consumption
1 tbsp cold boiled
2 tbsp soy sauce
0.5 tbsp sugar
0.5 tbsp sesame oil
Appropriate amount of soybean salad oil


Step 1
First blanch cabbage or vegetables with boiling water and a little salt and oil, remove and set aside, shred ginger and slice sausage

Step 2
Yes, it's the kind used for ordinary instant noodles. All kinds of casseroles are floating clouds. What you want is the tools you can get (I won't admit it because I didn't buy casseroles)

Step 3
Pour the leftovers into the pan, add sausages and shredded ginger, then blanch the cabbage, finally add an egg and turn on the heat. Close the lid and count for 10 minutes

Step 4

Step 5
Juice mixing: 1 tbsp oil consumption, 1 tbsp cold boiled, 2 tbsp raw soy sauce, 0.5 tbsp sugar, 0.5 tbsp sesame oil

Step 6
When it's time, open the lid, pour the juice, cover the lid and turn off the fire in Lima. Yes, just turn off the fire. After turning off the fire, continue to cover and let it stuffy for 10 minutes.