Leek pork prawn box




Step 1
Generally, the box is hot. Put some flour in the basin and slowly pour warm water (about 45 degrees, not hot) into the flour. When the flour is snowflake like, you don't need to add water. Mix the flour evenly by hand. The dough can't be too thin. If it is thin, continue to add dry flour and evenly

Step 2
After the dough is mixed, roll the skin into a uniform circle with a rolling pin. The box can be made into two shapes, as shown in the figure

Step 3
Stuffing (process omitted)

Step 4
A little oil at the bottom of the pot, heat it up, put it into the wrapped box and fry it over low heat until the box turns golden. Turn the other side and continue to cook. It turns golden. It's really beautiful!

Step 5
Be sure to use a small fire in the middle of the way. Open it frequently to avoid being confused

Step 6
It's on the plate. I'm so greedy! The taste is very delicious, crisp outside and tender inside, firm finish!!!