My favorite food is pork dumplings filled with leek. It’s very fragrant. But brush your teeth after eating, you know


400g pork
350g leek
600g dumpling skin
Proper soy sauce
1 tablespoon salt
3 slices of ginger


Step 1
Minced meat is ground directly in the supermarket

Step 2
Add soy sauce, ginger and stir in one direction

Step 3
Wash and mince the leeks. Put the leeks on the meat filling and mix well with salt

Step 4
Put the meat stuffing on the dumpling skin

Step 5
Fold it in half first

Step 6
I'm making dumplings. I don't look good

Step 7
Wrap all the dumplings in turn

Step 8
After the water boils, add the dumplings. The pork is raw. Wait until the dumplings float and cook for 3 minutes

Step 9
After coming out of the pot, pour in June fresh soy sauce and mix well