Our family likes to eat pies, boxes and so on. The same filling, the same dough, made into steamed buns and pies, and the pies are more delicious


500g flour
350g leek
250g pork stuffing
3 mushrooms
15ml raw extract


Step 1
Mix the flour into a smooth dough and let it stand for a while

Step 2
Stir cooked peanut oil, soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, salt and white pepper in one direction

Step 3
Wash leeks and mushrooms and control the moisture

Step 4
Cut leeks and mushrooms into small pieces

Step 5
Stir in pork stuffing and stir well

Step 6
Divide the dough into small agents and roll the skin

Step 7
Take a pastry and put in an appropriate amount of stuffing

Step 8

Step 9
Pinch the lace

Step 10
Put it into the preheated electric cake pan

Step 11
It's just golden on both sides