Kwai egg is the most common home dishes, simple and quick. Efficacy: tonifying kidney, warming Yang, benefiting liver and stomach. When you lose your appetite in summer, a plate of leek and eggs will open your appetite.


200g leek
3 eggs
5g salt
3 tablespoons of water


Step 1
Wash the leeks and cut them into small pieces after controlling the water

Step 2
Lucky double yellow eggs. I haven't met them for a long time

Step 3
Beat the eggs into a bowl and add 3 grams of salt

Step 4
Add three spoons of water and stir evenly. The spoon is just an ordinary soup spoon at home

Step 5
Put an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, put the leek section, and add the remaining two grams of salt

Step 6
Stir fry until the color of leek becomes dark and soft

Step 7
Add the beaten egg liquid, don't turn it immediately, wait for the egg liquid to solidify slowly, and then stir fry with a spatula

Step 8
Stir fry until cooked. This dish mainly highlights the freshness of leeks. It only needs salt, and there is no need to add other spices

Step 9
When the leeks were just fried, the smell of leeks filled the house..