It is said that leeks in spring are particularly fragrant, which has been proved by practice. Leek egg cake is simple and delicious.


300g flour
1 egg
200g tofu
150g leek
Proper amount of fungus (water hair)


Step 1
Beat eggs and stir fry in a wok until cooked

Step 2
Diced tofu

Step 3
Stir fry with the scrambled eggs for a while

Step 4
Add chopped fungus

Step 5
Add leeks and salt and mix well

Step 6
After mixing the dough, knead it and divide it into 6 parts

Step 7
Take one and roll it into a larger disc

Step 8
Spread the filling

Step 9
Then fold it in half and squeeze the edge tight

Step 10
Edge embossing pattern

Step 11
Preheat the electric cake pan in advance and put it on the embryo

Step 12
Bake until the surface is golden and cooked