My family especially like to eat leek. Whether it’s dumplings, pies or steamed stuffed buns, they are basically filled with leek. So my leek stuffing will be a little more delicious than others \ nthe first time I sent out a recipe, some places may not be particularly detailed. Welcome to consult. I’ll answer when I see it


A handful of leeks
Three eggs
Proper flour
Two spoons of thirteen spices
Two spoons of soy sauce
Two tablespoons of sauce
A spoonful of chicken essence
Two spoons of salt
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Cool the oil in a hot pot, add the stirred egg liquid and break it up

Step 2
Wait for the egg to cool. Knead the white flour with water into a smooth dough and wake up for a while

Step 3
Wash the leeks, control the water, cut them into pieces, put them into the cold eggs, add all the spices and stir well

Step 4
Rub the dough into long strips and cut into evenly sized pieces

Step 5
Roll it into the shape of dumpling skin with a rolling pin

Step 6
Seal like a bun and press it gently

Step 7
Preheat the electric cake pan, brush oil, put in the pie and cover it. Turn over when one of the red lights is off, and you can get out of the pot when both are off

Step 8
Cover the finished pie, or it will harden easily