I like thin skinned food. It’s crispy, delicious and delicious


450 g flour
50g whole wheat flour
290g boiled water
A handful of leeks
4 eggs
20G shrimp skin
5g salt
10g chicken powder
Proper oil


Step 1
Prepare materials

Step 2
Wash the leeks and dry them in a ventilated place on the balcony

Step 3
Put the flour and whole wheat flour into the toaster and pour boiling water while stirring

Step 4
Press the and face keys

Step 5
Chopped leeks

Step 6
Then add an appropriate amount of oil, stir and stand for 20 minutes

Step 7
Add shrimps and stir well

Step 8
After the eggs are broken up, add salt and chicken powder and stir well

Step 9
Then heat the oil in the pot, add the egg liquid and stir fry until the egg is golden yellow

Step 10
After the egg cools, add leek and stir well

Step 11
After the dough is reconciled, take it out and roll it into thin cakes with a rolling pin

Step 12
Grease the electric cake pan and add eggs and leeks

Step 13
Cover another piece of dough and press the edge tightly

Step 14
Cover the electric cake pan and press the scallion cake key to reduce the fire

Step 15

Step 16
Look closer

Step 17