The combination of leek and egg is one of the first choices. Both can be fried, fried, baked, etc. Today, we will cook a simple and quick dish Kwai Chai egg cake for all ages.


2 eggs
300g leek
2 tbsp oil
3 g salt
20G shrimp skin


Step 1
Main and auxiliary ingredients: leek, egg

Step 2
Wash and chop the leeks

Step 3
Beat in the eggs

Step 4
Add some shrimps

Step 5
Add a little salt and stir well

Step 6
Heat the frying pan, put an appropriate amount of oil, and pour in leek egg liquid

Step 7
Fry it to solidify, turn it over and fry it again. Fry it thoroughly in the same way

Step 8
Out of the pot and put on a plate, you can serve