“Leek egg cake is cheap, nutritious, delicious and easy to make. It is an ideal dish for small families.


2 eggs
90g leek
2G salt
1g monosodium glutamate
A little five spice powder
10g water


Step 1
Break the eggs and put them into a deep bowl / basin. Add salt, monosodium glutamate and five spice powder;

Step 2
Disperse evenly, then add water, and then beat evenly;

Step 3
Cut the leek into small grains (5 ~ 8mm) and set aside;

Step 4
Pour the chopped leeks into the beaten egg liquid and mix well;

Step 5
When the oil is 5-6% hot, turn down the fire or turn it off;

Step 6
Pour in eggs and leek liquid, fry in the pan and flatten; Adjust to medium fire;

Step 7
After frying one side, turn the spoon over and fry the other side until all the eggs and leeks are fried into cakes.

Step 8
The egg leek cake with the smell of leek and egg is finished.