Leek season, all kinds of eating leeks, like this cake, such a breakfast with a porridge, it’s really delicious in the world!!!


250g leek
2 eggs
250g flour
25g shrimp


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients and fry the eggs into small particles

Step 2
Wash and chop leeks

Step 3
Put leeks, minced eggs and chopped shrimps, as well as minced ginger, five spice powder, salt and sesame oil into a large bowl

Step 4
Stir evenly to make stuffing for standby. Pour boiling water into flour in a circle to avoid concentration of boiling water at a fixed point

Step 5
Keep stirring with chopsticks to form a loose dough. Then pour cold water and mix evenly with chopsticks. At this time, it will become a wet and sticky dough

Step 6
Take out the dough, put it on the workbench, and continue to knead by hand to form a dough. Cover it with fresh-keeping film, relax at room temperature for 30 minutes, and divide the large dough into 5 parts evenly

Step 7
First roll a thin round dough with a rolling rod, take an appropriate amount of stuffing and put it in the center of a piece of dough

Step 8
Wrap it in the shape of a bun, then turn it over and press it into a cake

Step 9
Heat the vegetable oil pan, add the wrapped leek cake, fry over medium low heat until both sides are golden