500g flour
500g tofu
200g leek
100g shrimp
2 eggs
Moderate warm water
5g salt
5 g oil
5g chicken essence


Step 1
500g flour, add 200ml warm water and flour, knead into a slightly hard dough, wake up for 30 minutes

Step 2
500g tofu, cut into small pieces

Step 3
200g leek, cut into leek granules, 100g shrimp, fish and wash with water

Step 4
Stir fry 2 eggs

Step 5
Pour in leeks, tofu, eggs, shrimps, 5g salt, 5g chicken essence and 5g oil, and stir well

Step 6
Twist the dough into a rod shape, divide it into flour preparations of moderate size, and roll them round with a rolling pin

Step 7
Wrap the mixed stuffing, press it slightly, pinch the seal tightly, and pinch the lace

Step 8
Heat the oil, put it into the leek box, fry over low heat until both sides are golden, sprinkle a spoonful of cold water, and then come out of the pot after 15 seconds