Da Pang bought a bundle of leeks one day and said he wanted to make fried eggs with leeks. Then, there was no more. He went on a business trip with a small box.


Right amount of leek
Three or four eggs
Proper flour
Proper boiling water
Proper soy sauce
Pepper noodles
Proper amount of salt
Proper sesame oil


Step 1
Flour, water, and flour

Step 2
Live well, cover the plastic wrap and wake up for a while

Step 3
Prepare the stuffing, break up the eggs, cut the leeks and mix some sesame oil, so the leeks are not easy to come out of the water

Step 4
Fry the eggs, add soy sauce, pepper noodles and salt. My soy sauce is a little spicy, so it looks like pepper

Step 5
Together, you can also add shrimp skin or vermicelli

Step 6
Divide the surface into several parts and roll it out

Step 7
Put the stuffing on and squeeze it tight

Step 8
Start to pinch the edge, first fold up one corner, and then fold up the protruding corner

Step 9
and so on

Step 10
Fold it.

Step 11
Fry in hot oil over low heat until golden on both sides

Step 12
Delicious, eat