Main material:


200g natural flour
300g leek
3 G thirteen incense
30g shrimp
3 G sesame oil
5g edible oil
3 G raw extract
4 eggs
5g salt


Step 1
1. First, take 200g of natural flour, add water and dough, and let it stand for 15 minutes;

Step 2
2. Wash and chop leeks.

Step 3
3. Put the eggs into a bowl and marinate them with salt.

Step 4
4. Add edible oil into the pot.

Step 5
5. Then pour in the egg liquid and fry the egg until cooked.

Step 6
6. Add sesame oil, shrimps, eggs, thirteen spices and salt to prepare the filling.

Step 7
7. Knead the mixed dough into the growth agent strip.

Step 8
8. Cut into evenly sized dosage forms.

Step 9
9. Roll the medicine into a round dough.

Step 10
10. Then you can put in the stuffing for wrapping.

Step 11
11. And knead it into a lace shape around it. It's OK not to knead it into large dumplings.

Step 12
12. Brush edible oil in the oil pan

Step 13
13. Then put the wrapped leek box into the pot for frying.

Step 14
14. Fry both sides golden and then out of the pot.

Step 15
15. The delicious home-made potstickers are ready.