Leek box is the staple food of my family. It is easy to make. It can be made with electric cake pan and pan. The organic leek planted by myself tastes more delicious


200g flour
120 g water
2 g salt
150g leek
15g dry fungus
20g Haimi
2 eggs
Proper amount of salt
Proper oil
3 G oyster sauce
10g sesame oil


Step 1
Knead flour, water and salt into smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap and wake up for half an hour

Step 2
Wash the leeks, control the water and cut them into pieces

Step 3
Soak Haimi 1 hour in advance, wash and mince

Step 4
Fry the eggs and let them cool

Step 5
Soak agaric hair in advance, wash and chop

Step 6
Mix all the ingredients, add the seasoning in the excipients and mix well

Step 7
Wake up the dough, rub it into long strips and cut it into equal sized preparations

Step 8
Roll into dough

Step 9
Put in the middle filling

Step 10
Wrap it up and squeeze it tight

Step 11
Fold a triangle on the edge and twist it into lace

Step 12
Detailed drawing of lacing

Step 13
Pinch it

Step 14
After all are wrapped, put in the preheated electric cake pan. The electric cake pan can be coated with oil or not

Step 15
Fry for 3 minutes with an electric cake pan, and the surface can be golden