Today I made a delicious four fresh leek box with a bowl of millet porridge In the slightly golden skin, it is wrapped with leek vermicelli, shrimp skin and eggs Bite down Crisp and refreshing It’s best to appear on the table in early spring.


200g flour
200g leek
2 eggs
1 fan
2G chicken powder
2 g salt
10g sugar
Appropriate amount of olive oil
A little black pepper
1 tablespoon shrimp skin


Step 1
Prepare the flour

Step 2
Add boiling water and stir into snowflakes

Step 3
Wrap the dough with preservative film and let it go for about half an hour

Step 4
Break up the eggs, pour a little oil into the pan, heat up, pour in the egg liquid, stir and stir with a small pot shovel, and fry until the eggs are broken

Step 5
Wash and chop leeks

Step 6
Soak vermicelli in boiling water and shred them

Step 7
Wash the shrimps, control the moisture and fry them in a wok

Step 8
Put leeks, eggs, vermicelli and shrimps in a large bowl and mix well. Add salt, olive oil, chicken powder, sugar and black pepper to form fillings (it's best to put seasoning when wrapping, because leeks can easily water out)

Step 9
Knead the dough evenly, divide it into uniform preparations, roll it into cakes, and put an appropriate amount of stuffing on one side

Step 10
Pinch the seal tightly and wrap it into a half moon leek box

Step 11
Then pinch the lace with your thumb, you can also make it into your favorite round shape

Step 12
After you wrap it all up, you can make pancakes

Step 13
Heat a little olive oil in the pot, put it into the box and bake until both sides are golden

Step 14
It's perfect with a bowl of millet porridge