The meat of sea cucumber is soft and tender with rich nutrition. It is a typical high protein and low-fat food with rich taste and elegant flavor. It is a famous dish for a long time. It is one of the “eight treasures” of seafood. It is as famous as bird’s nest, abalone and shark’s fin. Regular consumption of sea cucumber can prolong aging, eliminate fatigue, improve immunity and enhance resistance to diseases. So how to make sea cucumber delicious at home? To tell you the truth, I always feel that there is a big gap between my own sea cucumber and the taste of the hotel. Do many other small partners have the same confusion as me? Recently, I learned to cook a sea cucumber with scallion, which is the classic dish of Shandong cuisine. After practicing at home, although it looks ordinary, the taste is really wonderful! Let’s share the method of braised sea cucumber with scallion. It should be regarded as a simple family version. You can also show your hand when your family and friends get together!


Six sea cucumbers
1 green onion
1 big garlic
1 piece of ginger
1 bowl of soup
2 teaspoons cooking oil
2 tbsp oyster sauce
A little Monascus rice
Proper amount of water starch
1 teaspoon cooking wine
2 teaspoons soy sauce


Step 1
Peel, wash and flatten the garlic, slice the ginger, cut the scallion into sections, and then cut the scallion into oblique pieces.

Step 2
Rinse the sea cucumber with water.

Step 3
Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in the frying pan, fry garlic cloves, ginger slices and scallion until golden. Remove the oil and the remaining oil is scallion oil.

Step 4
Then put the scallion into the scallion oil and fry it over low heat until it turns slightly yellow.

Step 5
Pour out the scallion oil in the pot for use. Add a bowl of water, oyster sauce, soy sauce and red yeast rice in the pot to make a sauce. Pour out the sauce for use. Remove the red yeast rice bag.

Step 6
Sea cucumber first into the ginger, scallion, cooking wine boiled water, water to go fishy, and then into the soup stew.

Step 7
Add scallion oil and seasoning sauce to the soup, stew the sea cucumber and taste it, then use starch to collect the juice and serve on a plate.

Step 8
Enjoy the dish.