#Can Chef: for babies who are not happy with spicy food, boiled meat is their favorite. The boiled meat made in this way is not inferior to Sichuan cuisine restaurant. It is definitely a hard dish that can hold up the scene! The texture of the meat is elastic and tough. It’s spicy and cracked in the mouth. When you eat it, you shed tears and make it cool.


300g pork fillet
5 ml cooking wine
5 ml soy sauce
1 egg white
10 g starch
10g Pixian bean paste
Appropriate amount of scallion
Right amount of chili powder
Proper amount of edible oil
5g salt
100g bean sprouts
50g lettuce
5 fragrant leaves
3 G pepper
15g dried shredded pepper
5g scallion
5g minced garlic


Step 1
Wash 300g pork tenderloin, cut into thin slices, add 5ml cooking wine, 5ml soy sauce, 1 egg white, 10g starch, 5g salt, and grasp until the juice is invisible

Step 2
Add water to boil, add 100g bean sprouts and 50g lettuce, blanch, remove and put into the bottom of the bowl

Step 3
Add 20g edible oil into the frying pan, heat it over medium heat, add 5 pieces of fragrant leaves, 3G Chinese prickly ash and 15g dried chili, stir fry until fragrant, filter out ingredients, then add 5g scallion, 5g minced garlic and 10g Pixian bean paste, stir fry out red oil

Step 4
Pour in 300ml water and bring to a boil

Step 5
Put the meat in a bowl and sprinkle with scallion and chili powder

Step 6
Drizzle with hot oil and enjoy