“Lazy food”, the practice is very simple, without care, without frying. What the recipe needs is the seasoning commonly used at home – oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. When making, just put all the materials into the automatic cooking pot. After the Wuxi platoon process is completed, add vinegar, open the cover and collect the juice, and finally collect the juice to get out of the pot. It should be noted that if there is too much oil, you can skim it out. Finally, the soup should be dried, or the ribs can’t “hang” the taste. PS: this dish is delicious when it’s cool!


750g spare ribs
2-stage scallion
3 slices of ginger
600 ml water (including all liquid seasonings)
150g rock sugar
200ml vinegar
30 ml oil
30ml soy sauce
5g salt


Step 1
Wash and cut the spareribs into inch sections. Boil the spareribs in cold water for 3 minutes. Remove and wash the blood foam

Step 2
Put the processed spare ribs, 50g rock sugar, salt, soy sauce, oil, green onion and ginger into the pot, cover the pot and start the [Wuxi Pai] function; (vinegar and 100g rock sugar will not be added into the pot temporarily)

Step 3
After cooking, skim oil, add vinegar and remaining rock sugar, open the cover and start the [dry pot] function to collect juice

Step 4
After the procedure, skim the oil, stir the ingredients in the pot evenly and put them on a plate