Cooking alone is trouble. Stir fry too many dishes. You can’t finish eating, and you can’t toss less. Taking advantage of the weekend, I made marinated meat, made a marinated rice, cut some meat, blanched some broccoli, poured a spoonful of juice, and ate all the rice and vegetables. The rest of the stewed meat and boiled noodles are OK. This is an imitation of the practice of Taiwan’s marinated rice. I’m lazy to dice. I cook large pieces of meat directly. After cooking, I slice them. It’s more elastic and delicious. If you like to eat the instant taste, just add another cooking procedure.


Proper amount of dried mushroom
3 eggs
250g streaky pork
Appropriate amount of broccoli
1 pack of brine
Proper raw extract
Proper amount of salt
10g rock sugar


Step 1
Soak mushrooms in advance, wash them when they are semi soft, and change the water. The water behind can be used to cook meat.

Step 2
Prepare some eggs, wash them, put them into the pot in cold water and start to boil them. I cooked the eggs for marinated meat and the eggs used elsewhere. Boil the water for another five minutes or so.

Step 3
It's best to buy this kind of streaky pork, a layer of fat and a layer of lean meat, so it's delicious. Scrape the skin with a knife, then wash it and dry it in the water.

Step 4
When the eggs are cooked, peel off the shells.

Step 5
Cut a few slices of ginger.

Step 6
Blanch pork in cold water. Put ginger slices and a handful of pepper to remove the fishy smell.

Step 7
Just cook the meat until the chopsticks can be easily pierced. wash sth. clean.

Step 8
Cut the soaked mushrooms into cruciform knives, put them into the rice cooker, put the streaky pork and eggs, and put the marinade bag (bought casually in the supermarket).

Step 9
Pour in an appropriate amount of water. If there is no material, put 10g rock sugar, 10g salt, a spoonful of raw soy sauce and a spoonful of old soy sauce. Salt, raw soy sauce and rock sugar are seasoned. Put this according to your amount of ingredients. Lao Chou is colored. If you put it too much, it will be black. Normal cooking procedures. The meat after a procedure is more elastic. If you like to eat soft and rotten, add a cooking procedure, and it will almost melt in the mouth.

Step 10
The gravy is ready and the rice is ready. Boil a pot of clean water, add some oil and salt after boiling, and blanch some broccoli.

Step 11
Put a bowl of rice on the plate, cut a few slices of marinated meat, cut a marinated egg, clip a few mushrooms, decorate with broccoli, pour a spoonful of marinated gravy, and eat a plate.

Step 12
Put the remaining marinated meat in a fresh-keeping box and put it in the refrigerator.