Xinjiang, big plates and bowls are waiting for you! Since there has been a large plate of chicken in Xinjiang, a variety of large plate characteristic series have emerged one after another. These characteristic large plates are mainly halal dishes. The taste is spicy and heavy. It is a very authentic large plate of Xinjiang cuisine. Large dish aggregation and delicious sharing. In the market, there is the latent thinking of “common beauty, sharing and Republic”. Xinjiang people eat large dishes. There is a local saying that is very happy: “flavor”. Only when they eat in the wind can they have taste. When large dishes are served, they are so numb that they sigh, drum their tongue, show their teeth, or bite meat and vegetables. Take up the beer, pour down a large glass, and put the glass heavily with a bang. Be complacent and look around. Eat hot, take off your clothes, let the wild wind blow, refreshing and dripping. Such environment, such eating method and such taste are only in Xinjiang! Compared with the exquisite southern dishes, the materials used in the large plate kitchen knife method are rough, which seems difficult to ascend the hall of elegance. It can only be regarded as a flavor snack. However, after exploring, you can see its originality behind its extensive cooking, which is difficult for light and smooth southern dishes.


400g chicken offal
50g leather teeth
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
10g cooking wine
10 look at ginger
5g raw extract
Five spicy skins
2G pepper granules


Step 1
Main ingredients: chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken gizzard accessories: vegetable oil, salt, onion, spicy skin, green and red pepper, ginger, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, pepper granules, pepper powder, cumin powder

Step 2
Wash the chicken offal with cold water and cut into large pieces

Step 3
Blanch for 5 minutes, remove and drain

Step 4
Blanch for 5 minutes, remove and drain

Step 5
Wash the hot skin bubbles, cut into sections, and slice ginger

Step 6
Cool the oil in a hot pot. When the oil is hot, 80% of the pepper, spicy skin and ginger burst out

Step 7
Add chicken offal and stir fry the water to separate the flavor

Step 8
Add wine and soy sauce, stir fry evenly, add chili sauce, stir fry with a little water for about 5 minutes

Step 9
Add onion, green and red pepper, salt and stir fry for 2 minutes

Step 10
Add pepper and cumin powder

Step 11
Add chicken essence and stir fry evenly