Home made Laba garlic is simple and delicious.


250g garlic
250g weidamei fragrant rice vinegar
5 grams of Baijiu
5g sugar


Step 1
First prepare the ingredients you need in advance.

Step 2
Rice vinegar is added with a little baijiu.

Step 3
Add some sugar.

Step 4
Stir well with a clean and anhydrous spoon.

Step 5
Peel garlic cloves. Try not to leave scars when peeling garlic cloves. Pick up bad garlic cloves and keep them for cooking.

Step 6
Find a clean, water-free and oil-free glass bottle, put the peeled garlic cloves into the bottle, tighten the lid and put it in a warm place in the house. You can put it in the refrigerator at night and take it out in the sun the next day. The garlic petals turn green through the temperature difference.

Step 7
Wait until all the garlic cloves start to turn green, then you can open them and eat them.

Step 8
It's crisp and refreshing. It won't be too spicy to eat. Start making dumplings. The emerald green garlic cloves are also very likable, ha ~