There must be a plate of fish on the table during the Spring Festival or when guests come to the house. Steamed fish is undoubtedly the most popular. If you think steamed fish is a bit monotonous, try this Unicorn perch. It’s named because it’s made by slicing perch with several ingredients and then putting it on a plate, just like a unicorn in a beetle. The traditional recipe is to use ham, dried mushrooms and bamboo shoots with perch. I have made some changes here. In fact, cooking is like this. It’s very casual. There’s no need to strictly follow other people’s recipes. You can make appropriate changes according to your own taste.


800g bass
100g luncheon meat
3 mushrooms
3 mushrooms


Step 1
Cut the bass into thick slices after evisceration, and slice the lunch meat, mushrooms and mushrooms separately

Step 2
Put the fish head and bone on the plate

Step 3
Place mushroom slices, fish slices, mushroom slices and lunch meat slices on the fish bones in turn

Step 4
Add ginger slices and scallions

Step 5
Put it in the microwave oven and turn on the steam microwave program for 10 minutes

Step 6
Take out the steamed fish and remove the ginger and scallion

Step 7
Put shredded green onion and red pepper on the fish, and drizzle with steamed fish, soy sauce and salt

Step 8
Take another pot of vegetable oil and heat it to 70%. Just pour the hot oil on the fish