It’s very delicious.


300g chicken
1 lettuce
1 carrot
5 pieces of dried tofu
30 ripe peanuts
30g cashew nuts
30g Korean soybean paste
30g Thai hot and sour sauce
3 g Sugar
5 ml cooking wine
15 ml vinegar
5 ml soy sauce
10 ml old style soy sauce
1 garlic
10 cm long scallion
30 ml edible oil
Moderate warm water
10 g ginger


Step 1
Set aside the sauce (Korean soybean sauce: 30g, Thai hot and sour sauce: 30g, sugar: 3G, cooking wine: 5ml, vinegar: 15ml, soy sauce: 5ml, soy sauce: 10ml).

Step 2
Wash and dice dried bean curd, carrot and lettuce.

Step 3
Wash and dice the chicken.

Step 4
Spare peanuts and cashews.

Step 5
Scallion, garlic also cut into small, ginger cut into thin wire.

Step 6
After the oil is cooked, add diced green onion, diced garlic and shredded ginger to saute until fragrant.

Step 7
Put in the chicken

Step 8
Add carrots and stir fry until the chicken turns white.

Step 9
Put the diced lettuce and dried tofu into the pot and continue to stir fry for five minutes.

Step 10
Pour in the sauce.

Step 11
Stir fry the sauce until it is 90% dry. Add peanuts and cashew nuts and stir fry for 1 minute.