In order to let children eat more vegetables, this is an improved version of kung pao chicken. In fact, you can not add carrots and cucumbers, just add scallion


1 chicken breast
1 / 3 carrot
1 / 2 cucumber
Half a green onion
A little old-fashioned
A little raw
40 g water starch
5 slices of ginger
Three cloved garlic
5 dried peppers
2 g pepper
30g mature vinegar
20G sugar
8 g salt
5g white pepper


Step 1
The first step is to fry the peanuts in the air. The peanuts are soft just after frying. They must be dried in the air before they are crisp

Step 2
Adjust the starch with warm water

Step 3
Diced chicken breast

Step 4
Add soy sauce and salt, and marinate with a little water starch for 15 minutes

Step 5
Cut carrots and cucumbers into 1.5cm cubes

Step 6
Onion, garlic and ginger slices, hot pepper and Chinese prickly ash cut well

Step 7
Salt 3 G, white pepper 5 g, raw extract 10 g, mature vinegar 30 g, sugar 20 g, water starch 25 g, mix into sauce

Step 8
Now stir fry the diced carrots until half cooked, and then add the diced cucumbers together until half cooked

Step 9
Heat the oil to 6, add in half of the dried pepper and Zanthoxylum bungeanum, and then remove

Step 10
Add scallion, ginger and garlic, and saute with hot pepper

Step 11
Add marinated chicken breast and fry until discolored

Step 12
Stir in carrot and cucumber

Step 13
Pour in the peanuts and the sauce. Heat until the sauce is finished

Step 14