Before I did Kung Pao tofu, this time I finally tried kung pao chicken, with a bowl of rice, delicious to burst!


Some chicken breast
Peanuts in moderation
A green onion
A little ginger
A little soy sauce
Some starch
A little thirteen spices
A little garlic
A little cooking wine
A little oil
Some Chinese prickly ash
Some dried peppers
Some bean paste
Appropriate amount of sugar
Moderate amount of vinegar


Step 1
Cool the oil in a hot pan, fry the peanuts and let them cool

Step 2
Beat the chicken with the back of a knife, cut it into small pieces, add cooking wine, salt and starch, then cut it into small pieces, ginger and garlic

Step 3
Marinate the diced chicken for 10 minutes, stir fry it in the pan, heat the oil for 8 minutes, and then add it. When it turns white, it can be served

Step 4
Hot pot, add oil, add pepper, onion, ginger and garlic to give a fragrance

Step 5
Add the bean paste, low heat, stir fry red

Step 6
Add the diced chicken and continue to stir fry

Step 7
Sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, disguised as sweet and sour juice, add, taste, drench with wet starch

Step 8
Add peanuts, stir fry twice, you can get out of the pot