It’s delicious the first time. It’s a little white recipe


A small piece of chicken
A bunch of peanuts
A small carrot
One or two green peppers
Three or four red peppers
A green onion
A small cucumber
Proper amount of sugar
Two teaspoons vinegar
Two tablespoons soy sauce
A spoonful of oyster sauce
Proper amount of Pixian bean paste
Two teaspoons cooking wine
A spoonful of starch
A head of minced garlic


Step 1
Cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, salt, the chicken after grasping a little starch, marinate for a long time put a little oil, dip chicken

Step 2
Sugar, vinegar, cooking wine, oyster sauce, soy sauce, starch, stir into sauce, set aside. Dice carrot, cucumber and green pepper.

Step 3
Pour cooking oil into the pan, deep fry the peanuts over low heat, and put the peanuts into a bowl (preferably in a non stick pan)

Step 4
Put the pickled diced chicken into a nonstick pan, fry until discolored, and set aside.

Step 5
Put minced garlic in the oil pan, stir fry the flavor, add appropriate amount of Pixian bean paste, stir fry the red oil over low heat, add the fried diced chicken, stir well.

Step 6
Add diced carrots, diced cucumbers, scallions, diced peppers, peanuts and red peppers. Stir well and add the sauce. Because Douban sauce and sauce are salty, put a small amount of salt in the morning, about half a teaspoon