Gongbao diced chicken is a famous Sichuan dish, and also one of the top three Chinese delicacies in the eyes of foreigners. About kung pao chicken, there is a story, welcome little partner Baidu, I will not write. It should be noted that “Kung Pao diced chicken” is not “Kung Pao diced chicken”. In addition, the traditional Kung Pao diced chicken is not spicy litchi flavor, but salty, fragrant, hemp, spicy and crisp (peanut crisp). This is also the practice of more than 100 years ago. Today, I will teach you the detailed practice of authentic spicy litchi flavor Kung Pao diced chicken. If you like cooking and love food, you can pay attention to me. I will give you more traditional food.


150g chicken breast
5g (No.1 seasoning) dry pepper
3 G (No.1 seasoning) Zanthoxylum bungeanum
5g (No.1 seasoning) ginger
5g (No.1 seasoning) garlic
100g diced asparagus
50g diced green onion
50g peanuts
1g salt (seasoning 2)
1 g pepper (seasoning 2)
12g sugar (seasoning 2)
26G vinegar (seasoning 2)
5g soy sauce (seasoning 2)
30ml water (seasoning 2)
5g starch (seasoning 2)


Step 1
Prepare diced chicken:

Step 2
Dice green onion, 50g, set aside.

Step 3
Diced asparagus, 100g, set aside. Here's an explanation. The traditional Kung Pao diced chicken doesn't add diced asparagus. However, many girls don't like to eat too much meat, so I added some diced asparagus. You can also add diced cucumber and carrot, but remember to deal with them separately, otherwise they will rob the chicken and sweet and sour taste.

Step 4
Fried peanuts, if you can't fry, you can buy others fried, remove the salt they put, remove the peanut skin. If you can fry, I won't disturb you to read the menu. Forget it, I'd better say the next method. Soak the peanuts in hot water for 15 minutes, then peel them, then put the cold oil into the pot and fry them slowly. Remember. Stir the fried peanuts frequently. Spread the fried peanuts quickly and don't pile them in the bowl. If the temperature inside the peanuts is too high, it is equivalent to heating them in the pot, which will lead to excessive heat. what? You ask me how to judge if it's done? Pay attention to me. I'll tell you when you pay attention to me. A little bit...

Step 5
Chicken breast oil (equivalent to vegetable blanching water), oil can make meat ingredients to maintain moisture and nutrition, taste more tender, more easily cooked.

Step 6
The front is all preparatory work, for your simple operation, better fried authentic kung pao chicken, I will condiment into three times, you just need to follow my tutorial, sub times into the condiment.

Step 7
Everything is all set. Let's start frying.

Step 8
Add No.1 seasoning and stir fry for about 10 seconds

Step 9
Change the heat, add diced chicken, stir fry bamboo shoots for about one minute

Step 10
Add the diced green onion to make it smell better. If you like the flavor of green onion, you can add green onion before laying chicken

Step 11
Add No.2 seasoning bag and stir fry for about 20 seconds. (remember, use high heat when gathering the thicken. Don't stir it when you just put it in the pan. Stir it quickly in two seconds. It's easier for the sauce to wrap the ingredients. If you stir it in a pot, it will thicken. The sauce should not be stir fried for a long time after it is put into the pot, which will make the vinegar volatilize and affect the overall taste

Step 12
Put peanuts in the pan and stir fry twice. Peanuts can not be fried for a long time, which will affect the crisp taste of peanuts. After the peanuts are placed, start the pot in five seconds.

Step 13
From the pot, a brownish red, slightly spicy, sweet and sour delicious kung pao chicken is out of the pot. Is it drooling? Make one yourself.