Since this handsome pot came to my home, cooking is no longer a headache for my aunt.


400g chicken breast
A small cucumber
A small carrot
2 pieces of scallion
2 slices of ginger
5-6 dry peppers
30g sugar
3 g salt
40 ml peanut oil
20 ml cooking wine
10 ml soy sauce
2 g salt
10 ml peanut oil
50g peeled peanuts
20 ml vinegar


Step 1
First to do the preparatory work, dice the chicken breast, add cooking wine (20 ml), soy sauce (10 ml), salt (2 g), peanut oil (10 ml) and marinate for 20 minutes, which is easier to taste.

Step 2
Prepare other materials when curing. Diced cucumber, diced carrot, peeled peanuts, fried or grilled in oven, sliced ginger and scallions.

Step 3
After marinating the meat, spread the scallions and ginger slices at the bottom of the pot.

Step 4
Then pour in peanut oil evenly

Step 5
Sprinkle some more dried pepper in. I had to use it temporarily. I found that I didn't have it at home, so I used shredded pepper instead. Don't follow me.

Step 6
Then pour in the salt and sugar

Step 7
Spread the pickled meat to the top layer and spread it out as far as possible. Don't let the meat overlap.

Step 8
Then spread the carrots evenly, and finally spread the diced cucumber.

Step 9
Turn on the machine, select the dry pot function, and you don't need to cover it. After the end of the program, the machine will beep.

Step 10
Don't worry after the procedure. Pour in the fried or oven baked peanuts.

Step 11
Add 20 ml of vinegar

Step 12
After that, stir it with a wooden spatula like a stir fry, and let the soup at the bottom of the pot wrap around each piece of chicken as much as possible. Mix well and you can get out of the pot.

Step 13
According to the pot, although the lack of red pepper segment of the embellishment, but win in the taste is very good, let me directly dry a large bowl of white rice.. Compared with the red and greasy kung pao chicken outside, this is a little bit of a new version. It's really a healthy food for your family.