You must pass the exam.


A piece of chicken breast
Green onion
Dried sea pepper
Cooking wine
Old fashioned
Sesame oil
Sichuan Pepper


Step 1
Dice the chicken, add salt, cooking wine, pepper, stir in one direction, then color the soy sauce, add the right amount of egg white and starch, and stir well. Spare\ Cut the onion into small pieces about the size of chicken. Set aside: slice ginger, slice garlic, and cut dried pepper into sections.

Step 2
Juice quality: a little salt, two spoonfuls sugar, vinegar submerged sugar, add a little, sesame oil, a small spoonfuls, the right amount of starch. spare.

Step 3
Marinate the chicken and fry it in a pan.

Step 4
Hot pot cold oil, pour in onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, dry sea pepper, stir fry out fragrance. Pour in diced chicken and stir fry. Pour in the juice. Collect the juice first and then stir fry. Pour in peanuts before boiling. Take up the pot.