Kung Pao diced chicken, a household name, is a good dish for dinner. Spicy taste with sweet and sour taste. The ingredients are rich, and the taste is good.


A piece of chicken breast
Half root cucumber
Half a carrot
A green onion
An egg
Proper amount of starch
3 red rice peppers
A clove of garlic
3 ml cooking wine
50g drunkard peanuts
10g bean paste
Proper amount of oil
10 g salt
5 g Sugar
5 ml vinegar
5ml, delicious


Step 1
Wash fresh cucumber, carrot, red pepper and scallion.

Step 2
Cucumber, carrot, red pepper diced, garlic slices, scallion diced, and drunkard peanuts all ready to use.

Step 3
Wash and dry a piece of fresh chicken breast.

Step 4
Cut dice evenly and put into a small bowl.

Step 5
Mix in cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, egg white, raw starch and marinate for a while.

Step 6
Heat the frying pan, add oil and heat, add diced chicken and stir fry.

Step 7
Stir fried diced chicken and serve.

Step 8
Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add red rice pepper, garlic slices, onion and stir until fragrant, then add bean paste and stir fry out the red oil.

Step 9
Add diced cucumber, diced carrot and stir fry. Stir in the delicious salt, vinegar and sugar.

Step 10
Add the fried diced chicken.

Step 11
Stir well.

Step 12
Drop the drunkard peanuts.

Step 13
Stir fry, add monosodium glutamate and stir well.

Step 14
Out of the pot can be loaded plate.