There are too many ways to make chicken. Guangdong likes to cut it white and eat it with original flavor. However, we also like Sichuan cuisine very much. So Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine are two kinds of dishes that I often make at our table. Today I write down my way of Making Kung Pao diced chicken.


400g chicken breast
50g carrot
80g cucumber
15g peanuts
5g dry pepper
10 grams of sugar
30g mature vinegar
10g raw powder
15g garlic


Step 1
Clean the chicken breast

Step 2
Then dice it

Step 3
Prepare other ingredients, as shown in the picture. Note that the seasoning in the small bowl on the left side of the plate is made of mature vinegar and sugar, and the small bowl on the right side of the plate. After the diced chicken is cut, add the raw powder and marinate for a while

Step 4
Fry the raw peanuts in oil

Step 5
Then let it cool and rub out the peanut skin

Step 6
Saute the diced chicken in oil until it is ripe

Step 7
Then stir fry the dried pepper and garlic

Step 8
Then cut the cucumber and diced carrot and stir fry

Step 9
Finally, lower the seasoning and stir evenly